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Humberto is a Jazz and Classical Pianist, Improviser, Private Instructor and Composer, who specializes in music for Film and other visual media. In this page you will find samples of his works. If you have any questions, be sure to contact him here.

Humberto’s journey into music began even before he was born. When he was still inside the womb, his parents would play him music by Puccini and Beethoven amongst others. When he was five years old, his father saw his musical sensitivity when his son started singing behind a Lionel Richie record, and he noticed that the little kid was shrieking out of his lungs because he was trying to reach the note he was hearing, which meant he had a criteria for pitch, even if his voice wasn’t developed for it yet.


Being self taught at first, he finally started studying classical piano in his teens, with profesor Bruna Monestiroli, a former student of Alfredo Casella. Montestiroli gave him the basic technique and understanding of traditional harmony. He would then discover Jazz, and pursue Jazz studies at the City College of New York and learn Jazz Improvisation.

However, parallel to his Classical and Jazz studies, Humberto was developing an affinity for film music. His first role models were Danny Elfman, John Williams, Alan Silvestri and Bernard Herrmann. He also saw the influence and importance in classical composers such as Ravel, Stravinksy, Moussorgsky, Grofe, Villalobos and Prokofiev. While in New York, Humberto began collaborating with independent Film Directors, providing original music scores for his works. Soon, he realized that this was the way he wanted to pursue: Film Scoring.


In addition to music, Humberto is also a screenwriter, and he has written and produced a short film, which he also composed the original Score for (The short film is still in Post-Production and it’s estimated it will be released by the end of 2015) Humberto continues to push the boundaries of creation by looking for different Film Projects that challenge his comfort zone and force him to try different paths in composition techniques, while always remaining loyal to the traditional roots that conformed the nucleus of his musical formation.


THE composer

"Music is Movement"

Barry Harris


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